VIP Rapid Fire Hot Seat Draws Posted on June 9, 2022 5:27 PM GMT+0000

Every Sunday in June from 11am to 7pm, all Blue & Gold Elements Rewards members who get spotted playing with their card in a slot machine on the gaming floor have a chance of winning up to $100 in free play or select merchandise! Hot Seat draws will be announced over the PA system prior to being drawn. Random Winner selected every 30 minutes.

VIP Rapid Fire seats open to Blue & Gold Elements rewards members only. Must have card inserted in slot machine prior to hot seat to be eligible. Random Hot seat winner selected every 30 minutes. Odds of winning may vary. Promotions only available during indicated dates and times.


Sundays in June11am-7pm

Elements Casino Grand River

Elements Casino Mohawk

Elements Casino Brantford

Elements Casino Flamboro